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  1. I'm with all of you! Not doing in secret but my desire is secret! I work a physical job, not too out of shape but have laid the pounds on from stress. I'm not in the happiest of marriages but I need to make me happy. I have taken care of many people, raised 12 kids (2bio) and now have a husband that I don't know if he will change. This change for me is to better myself. I do not want to look or feel like this in 4 years. I will succeed. You can too! Support that's all we need.
  2. How do you sync with Fitbit? I'm pretty tech savvy and haven't found it yet?
  3. I'm with you G224a. I could barely finish day 1 but instead hit pause to walk a little longer between jog sets. I know it will take me a while but I will do it. Keep it up and you will succeed too!
  4. For me running for a solid minute is a challenge in its self! But I am determined to succeed. I have never been a runner. I have only completed day one but I would say for me it's just to keep moving for the whole 3.1 miles I will be doing in October. I would like to run the entire 5k but I will not be let down if I can't. Once I can run the entire 5k I will work on time. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  5. I work a very physical job but am also trapped in my own "prison" (I like that metaphor as well). Slowly but surely I will escape. I am on day 7 of 1 hour per day on the treadmill. Started this program yesterday hoping I can do a 5k in October. I have never been a runner but am willing to give it a go. Even if that means I walk half the way I will try my best. I don't have tons of weight to lose but if we all encourage each other we can succeed. Hard to do it all alone. Best of luck everyone!
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