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  1. I'm hearing you! I did the colour run last year - it was so much fun... we rocked up in titus and fairy wings.. and looked pretty ordinary to some. I've just done W1 D2... but have trouble staying on track. I did finish C25K 2 years ago using a treadmill but found it didn't quite translate to running on the road. I initially lost 20kilos but have put 10 of it on again... which p..eeved me off no end It has got to the point where i have 1 pair of pants that still fit for work - which suxs So i have my 50th coming up and have had the mantra of 'No Fat At 50' going thru my head. I think that is why your post appealed to me. No accountability is my issue to I think. I have a fitbit too so add me in if u like. Kate g You'll rock it no worries.
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