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  1. I started back at week one day one. I want to work up and FINISH a day before moving on. I feel great. Didn't finish because of calf pain in the front but I'm told that's a shoes issue. But I did over half of it. Ran/walked a full mile today YAY!!! then did 4 sets of 20 on abs then legs at3 sets of 25 both outer and inner thigh.

  2. Today I managed to do half of week 1day3. Will do it again till I get all the way through it. My legs were hurting so bad I had to stop. But I am finding that the treadmill and road are VERY different. I'm going to strive to get out doors for my c25k on Tue. Worked thighs both inner and outer at 50 lbs 20 reps x3 and then abs at 20 reps 40 lbs 2 sets. Chest press at 20 lbs to save the shoulder. Man I feel tired and great at the same time

  3. Thanks Azatol I will add that in.

    Shannon, my doc told me that movement helps so I said hell I will try it.... Gave up after a while last year cause I hurt to much after and thought the doc was a quack. However, now that I move some every day I find I have much less pain. The theory is that the pain is nerves firiring off wrong and all the time that causes the fibro pain. Movement helps this because it makes the muscles stronger....or so I'm told or also what I got out of the conversation with the doc lol. I also was put on lyrica and am finding that combined I have much less pain each day.

  4. Today I went to the gym and did day 2 of the c25k on the tedmil then did thigh presses at 40 lbs. Did some calf work and core work leaving my shoulder to be in pain if it wanted. Will be so glad when I can work my arms again. But I k even if i icked butt today!!!!!

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