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  1. Going to start from start... from 2011-2014 I ran 9 tough mudder events...2013/2014 ran foam fest, zombie run and a few others with my 12-13 year old daughter... we both ran the spartan events in New England and she is one of less than like 5 girls under 18 to complete them and earn the right to trifecta swag...
  2. I have come to love any shoe made by INOV-8... their website Inov8.com has SOOOOOO MUCH INFO about their shoes and the technology involved with each different model... just make sure you go to one of the dealerships they list on the site... they know how to fit you for them... good luck...
  3. Irun... I'm sure that you did your research before buying the shoes... but 1 thing I have learned is that not only do I have to want the shoes in this case... but where I go to get them is almost more important... no offense to any good hard working teens on the site... but I know when I'm at the store getting fit I'd rather a person who has experience past reading the sale/product packet and spewing that as his sales pitch... I recently switched from Saucony run/gym shoes to the company INOV-8... and if this guy hadn't gone over the technology involved in these shoes, without having run in them I probably would have kept trying brands... end result is I bought an everyday/longer runs running shoe, a gym/outside cross trainer and a pair of great trail/obstacle course racing shoes... I've used them all, as well as, buying my 14 year old daughter the race one's... after that rant... I'd suggest looking into https://www.inov-8.com reading about them and maybe try them... good luck
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