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  1. I just invested quite a hefty sum in my first pair of real running shoes. I've been going to pt for over a month for IT band injury among other tendonitis, ect. I went to a reputable local running store and was given 5-6 different options for my flat yet neutral feet. I went with the ON Cloudflyers because the arch support felt great in the shoe. I wore them yesterday to run errands and such and then went for a short run today (technically I'm week 8 Day 2 but after a month off, therapists orders, I'm back down to 1.5 miles and working my way back up..). My arch in my left foot killed me. My it band, hip, glut, si issues are on my right. About an hour after my run my low back/right hip have been worse than ever:( I am really hoping I didn't just drop a buck 50 on new shoes I can't wear. Any advice? Should I give it another try? PT tomorrow and probably going to call for an appt with a sports podiatrist. Running hurts:/
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