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  1. I had always hated running. I've often told people if they words you ever see me running that they too should follow in suit & it could only mean one thing; Zombie Apocalypse. I also made mention that if my body were to ever be discovered on the jogging trail, one could be confident knowing that my body was drug to the location because I personally would not be there for leisure. Fast forward to 2013, a murdered friend, one nervouse breakdown, & one good look at a family photo & realized I looked like I had eaten a small child and was still in the process of digesting it. Had an
  2. Well, looks like none of us are alone. I gained 35lbs after a major life change/move & really need to take my life back. I've had excuses for too long & have seen zero results so now it's time to take control & responsibility. Quit smoking 4 days ago, on w1d2. Looking forward to being the best me that can be... for myself & for my six children & my partner. Here's to 2015 & crushing out excuses & getting out of our own way to take hold of the life we were meant to live! Xoxo
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