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  1. I have to have music during my runs. I tend to want to run faster than I should at first. So I use music to keep my pace. I have 2 playlists of 150bpm (for a 10 minute mile) music ranging from pop to rock to punk and back again. The thing they all have in common is a good steady beat so I know to not run faster than that beat. I'm hoping once I get to a 5k and feel comfortable I may start not running with music but that'll be some time off.
  2. The way I've been looking at my pace is this. At the end of the 8 weeks it's suppose to be a 5k in 30 minutes which is about a 10 minute mile. So I've been pacing myself there thanks to music. Every time before I attempted to run I would run way too fast and burn myself out after a bit. So this time I made a playlist on Spotify of songs at 150bpm which they say is the best for a 10 minute mile. I just make sure i never run faster than the beat but have ran slower than the beat. Not sure if that helps but it's how I've done my pace over the last 4 weeks.
  3. Ask my wife. I am not a morning person at all. The fact my daughter wakes up at 7am even on weekends makes me an unhappy camper. BUT. Since I started C25K I have been running in the morning. Early. 5am to be exact. For me it was the only time that made sense where I thought I could run. With having a kid and job and house duties I couldn't figure out another time I thought I would actually run knowing me. So I set my alarm and get up. It helps that most days my wife is still sleeping so I can't hit snooze or anything. I have to literally hop out of bed and stop my alarm to not wake her and to make sure I get up. It's a struggle every day but I know I'm doing it for good reasons. My whole mentality over the last few weeks is JUST GET UP AND GO! Even today as it was pouring down rating I just got up and went. It sucked but it's another run closer to running a 5k. Hope any of that helps.
  4. Hey all. So I just finished Week 5 Day 1 today. In the rain. It was horrible but I did it. I am incredibly proud that I got my butt out of bed at 5 am and still went out in the pouring rain. I have started C25K before but got sick and stopped but now years later I'm doing it. My legs scream at me constantly to stop and my brain tries to tell me a skip day would be ok. I tell them both to shut up and I just do it. It's how it started for me. I had bought some Bluetooth headphones and an arm band a while back to "motivate" me to run. Didn't help. What did was setting my alarm at 5am and getting out of bed when it went off and just did it. I'm 32 and have an almost 4 year old. I'm doing this for her just as much as myself. I don't want her growing up with a lazy dad. I want to run around with her and not be out of breath. My diet still sucks and I have a few other unhealthy things to overcome as well but this is the first step. I haven't missed a run yet and actually I accidentally skipped week 2 but just kept going. Hoping it doesn't come back to bite me. Well that's my story. I'm hoping for many more weeks to come even after my first 5k. So just remember. Just get up and get going. It's that easy (for the most part). Cheers from Dayton Ohio!
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