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  1. I've had this since I started - I've tried everything. I never thought of the music being the cause - next run out I'll go without music and see does it stop skipping / pausing the runs
  2. Help - I'm into week 8 and my app keeps pausing during the runs. I use iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. It does the warmup, but when I finish the run the timer on the app tells me I still have 14 mins left - I've restarted the phone prior to running, I've switched off all other apps and tried it on an armband v pocket. I've locked the screen. Any suggestions welcome
  3. I run it on iPhone 6 and the phone is ok - it doesn't always count the run correct - the app seems to pause - try shutting down all other apps before you start this one - it might be clashing with another app
  4. I restarted my phone today before the run and made sure no other apps we're running but it still wasn't right - it counted the warmup but when the run was finished the app still said I had 14 mins left (the run was 28 mins) it's not shutting down but is seems to be going on and off : ( any suggestions I use iPhone 6 - I've locked the screen and use an arm band to house the phone
  5. I have this on a regular basis. It prompts me to warm up, then to run, but when I do 20-25 mins running it has only registered 10-14 mins so I forward it and it prompts me to cool down and tells me when I've finished. I'm using iPhone 6 and the apple watch. I've tried shutting off all other apps but it still stopped. I love the programme so will be following this post. Any suggestions welcome.
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