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  1. I am doing this program by time rather than distance at the moment. For week 3 I'm tracking 10 min running and 15 min walking
  2. I'm slow too. I try to increase my speed by 0.1-0.2mph each day of a week, then back down a little in day 1 of the next week
  3. Superfeet green and regular show changes has made mine all but disappear! I switch out insoles every other pair of shoes & it only flares up when it is time for new shoes. And I stretch a LOT.
  4. I've found that any time I have foot pain, it is time for new shoes. I use my insoles (superfeet green) for 2 pairs then replace them as well. Don't skimp on quality - spending a bit more for a better shoe will prevent injury (my plantar fasciitis all but disappeared after starting this pattern for my shoes - now it only hurts when I need to replace them).
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