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  1. Are you maybe an "all or nothing" person? Maybe when you're eating well and working out, you don't allow yourself any wiggle room to take a break or eat dessert? I'm wondering if you're too strict with yourself so it's hard to maintain your healthy habits. Or maybe life happens, you get stressed, and go back to old habits. Think about this and try to figure out what you can do to keep from going back and forth. You can do this!
  2. Listen to your body. If brisk walking works best for you, do that. Get good running shoes and drink plenty of water. Schedule this time so you don't get busy taking care of everyone else. You deserve to feel better!
  3. Drink water, stretch after, make sure you have the right running shoes and believe in yourself!
  4. It's hard to take a break when you feel like you're just getting into a groove but it's so important. 15 minutes of ice and ibuprofen are usually recommended for swelling. If it doesn't get better with rest, I'd go to the doctor. Also, make sure you've got the right running shoes for you.
  5. Drink plenty of water, stretch, and make sure you have great running shoes. I went to a running store and had someone help me. It made such a difference. I know you have drive and motivation with all you've accomplished. You're making life better for you and your grandkids. Way to go!
  6. Stretch, drink water, and keep going!
  7. Hi. I've been working on getting fitter since the day after Christmas. I worked out before but not very consistently. I'm learning to make time between work and my young kids. I'm trying to keep it interesting by trying many different activities-running, weight lifting, cycling, YMCA classes... This app forces me to warm up, which I'm finding is more important than I thought.
  8. Make sure you have good running shoes. I go to a running store to get help. Listen to your body. If you push too hard, you may get shin splints and get discouraged. If you need a break, take a break. Love yourself for every ounce of effort you put in.
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