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  1. Diane1965

    Week 5 day 3

    I was very discouraged when I failed at the 20 min run so I took a few days off. Went back to gym and ran the week 5day2 again and it wasn't a problem. I have got to get over this bump...I registered for a 5k next month! I think I'll run day 2 again tomorrow then in Mon try day 3 again
  2. Diane1965

    Week 5 day 3

    If at first you don't succeed........
  3. Diane1965

    Week 5 day 3

    Dreading w5d3...it seems so random!
  4. Diane1965

    Week 5 day 3

    Am dreading this w5d3.....it seems so random but I will let you know tonight how it went.