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  1. I completed C25K outside this past summer and ran a 5K in the fall. I should mention I haven't run since I was about 8 years old and am now 59. I got a gym membership in the fall knowing I would not be out in the cold here in New Hampshire. I continued to walk/run on the treadmill but also tried out the bikes, arcs, elliptical and the strength training circuit. Very quickly I lost my endurance. For the new year I decided to start C25K again all on treadmill. I had no idea what speed I should obtain so I walked at 4.2 and ran at 6.5. It was killing me. I had a hard time running for 5 minutes. Then I noticed a man who was well over 6' tall running at 6.2. I am just under 5'3". I decided I was going too fast. I am now walking at 4 and running at 5.5. I was able to run 20 minutes. On day 3 of each week I add 3-4% incline. Not sure where I should be but I'm further then I was yesterday!
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