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  1. I don't do the chauffeur thing right now. We have that in the fall with football. I don't have my kids full time as I split time with the ex so during the fall I intend to work out on the days I don't have the kids at my house. I can't run before I go to bed because it wakes me up. To avoid the hustle all the time maybe car pool or alternate days with someone. I have one son that has practice after school right now so I pick him up at 530. Getting up at 4 still allows me to get a workout in and then pick him up. Granted I am still very new at this. But I lost a lot of weight a few years a
  2. I am also an RN work night shift and have three kids aged 16, 13, and 10. I work on a cardiac floor and see every day what bad health does to the body. I too know better but was so tired and had little motivation. I would sleep until the kids came home from school and then was so busy with them I barely had time to get ready for work. I am 5'10 and weight 232 and finally said enough is enough. I had a lady pee on my shoe at work last week and was so apologetic bc she couldn't even get out of bed to make it to the commode her CHF was so bad. She told me to take care of myself and not end u
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