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  1. wk8 day1 completed. jogged 2.5 miles in 28min. it seems very unlikely that i could ran the 2.75miles in 28minutes...

  2. Should have gone with my guts and not tried to run. Fell twice during warm up. W4D2 will have to wait till next time. Strength training was good though!

  3. My legs are sore and it's cold. Im not looking forward to running tonight. Maybe I'll start strength training today. That would be awesome actually!

  4. This has sort of worked for me for those 3min/ 5min jogs: I go at a slower pace, and do my best NOT to look at the app/clock. I change the song to one I really like and sing along in my head, trying to distract myself by focusing on remembering the lyrics, and try to distract myself by forcing myself to have any thoughts that take me away from the PAIN till the end of the song (usually 4-5min songs). I try to think about what I'm doing this weekend, what I ate today, work, if I could be anywhere else where would that be... then back to the song.... This sounds crazy but it works most of the time for me:)
  5. Thanks and best of luck Rob! We can do it!!! -update- As I counted the weeks till june 5th I realized I actually would need 2 extra months to do C25k, 10k (minus first 8 weeks), and 13.1. I decided to skip C25k all together and go the 10k app, since the first 8 weeks are supposed to be the same. In addition I skipped W3D2, and have been doing 2 work outs per day in order to get caught up. And I plan on running 4-6 times/week. I should be caught up with the planned schedule by the end of february if I can keep this up. Just finished W3D3 and W4D1 yesterday, running at a slower pace than usual. I'm exhausted though.
  6. I used to LOVE my fitbit charge HR! It tracks the heart rate so well, and I like how it's so sleek! Unfortunately it didn't last. It fell apart and stopped syncing. I got an Apple watch instead. But as far as tracking the HR it does not even come close to comparing with the fitbit. It is so slow... I got the surge for the husband but he does not wear it, he thinks it's to bulky. I do not want to wear it either for the same reason. It's a matter of personal preference.
  7. Just finished w2d2 of c25k today! starting to have some pain on my right knee though. I've been sleeping much better since I started the program. I'm so tired by the end of the night!
  8. Hello! Just completed day2 wk2 of c25k! 2016 couch to half marathon project going well so far!
  9. Hello all! I started my journey to fitness today. I'm turning 30 next year and set myself the goal of running a half marathon before that happens. this is all very exciting! The only trouble I had okay with the c25k app was unlocking the app after i got a phone call. I held the lock until the full circle was completed but could not get the app to unlock. Hoping it was a glitch. Loving the app so far!
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