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  1. Just got back from run 3! Feeling very good. The only thing that's bugging me is a spot just above my right ankle on the inner side. Weird. Icing it now.

    I always run in the morning, so I start with some water and black coffee. Then I make some oatmeal. After running I usually jug a big bottle of water and stretch.

    I'm sorry excited about the progress and of course the weight loss :)

  2. Yeah me too! It's getting much easier, I can't believe it. I was actually just looking up races here in Houston. And I just signed up for a 10k on June 5! I figure that gives me plenty of time to train and get in great shape. The body of truly amazing at how it can transform and become comfortable with running. Just like you I used to run a lot and then stopped. Nice to be getting back into it again!

  3. Thanks for your message! I'm in the same position as you, starting the new year off right. I realized yesterday that I was a Little in over my head with the 10k training, so I decided to go to the 5k program, so I'm now currently on w2d3. I'm feeling much more comfortable starting here.


    I have been getting some pretty intense pain on the inside of my calf just above my ankle. So just icing it and that seems to help. I really do enjoy running. I have only done 5k and 10k races, not a half marathon, they scare me! Haha

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