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  1. Have you feet checked on what type of support you may need. I have extremely flat feet and have put athletic arch supports in my shoes. Replacing the built in supports. This has stopped the knee, shin and foot pain I had been having. Also look at form as you continue your journey.
  2. I use runkeeper and really enjoy it. My wife is still using 10k free! Great programs. Got us off the couch! Both work in tandem! Hope it helps. Happy running!
  3. Check YouTube for different knee stretches. This will strengthen the muscles around the knee. Also look into taping the knee. This will add support to the knee. Lastly look into arch supports. I did this and solved my knee issues. Best of luck and keep running.
  4. Time is relative to the individual. Work on beating your best. Don't just focus on the 5k. Running a 10k will also help with your 5k time. Alternate your distances in your workouts. Remember your biggest obstacle is your mind. Your body can do more than your mind thinks it can.
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