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  1. I saw a similar post. most said they repeat the days from that week
  2. will they help after a injury? or only preventively?
  3. do you think id be able to get thru this whole thing quickly enough yo to run a 5k December 14? I've only done 2 days so far but I just got a treadmill so I'd be able to do it more frequently now
  4. LBW,try spaghetti squash or zucchini through a spiralizer instead of pasta. ...I haven't had pasta in a month!
  5. I don't Follow specific diet. but I mainly do meat, fruits and veggies. lots of egg whites actually lol. I eat an English muffin a few days a week. and occasional fiber one product, crackers now and then. but mainly, like I said, meat and veggies actually miore so than fruit
  6. I don't think. unless that's a setting that can be enabled. I keep it on treadmill as I run. ..
  7. KellyAnn. you seem to know the ins and outs of this ap. My problem is idk whay pace its bases your run and your walk at. Any clue? because I think it might be 3mph for walk in...so syncing it wont be very accurate cuz I'm walking at 3.5mph but im wondering what Pac the run is based on
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