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  1. Thanks Azatol, However, I think you didn't understand my question. My goal is to run/walk the half-marathon with intervals of 4-min runs, 1-min walks. (which is what the app trains you to do) I have no intention of running the whole thing. My issue is that I would not finish the half-marathon by the end of the last interval and want to know how to get the app to continue with more intervals until I complete 13.1 miles.
  2. My question applies to the half-marathon app. I've noticed that by the end of the app, it trains you to do intervals of 4-minute runs and 1-minute walks. This is exactly what I want to do! However, because I run slowly, I doubt I'll finish a half-marathon in the number intervals the app directs you to do. So, my question is, if I have more distance to complete, how to I get the app to continue some more intervals (before the cool-down period)? Thanks!
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