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  1. My girlfriend and I have decided that it's time to get in shape and live the lives we have imagined. Me – I’m a 5’3”, 195lb, 21 year old former athlete. Throughout the first 16 years of my life, I hated running. I was always the one who had to walk during the mile at school, and not by will either. During my junior year of high school, colleges started recruiting me for my athletic ability. I had the skill, I just couldn’t run the distance. At that time, I knew I had to get my running under control. I started my own program and went from struggling running a quarter of a mile to running 4 miles with only a few breaks a year later. I felt the best I ever had, both physically and mentally! Flash forward to now and I am 195 pounds (compared to 125 two years ago) and struggle to even run for a minute. Once again, I know I have to get my lifestyle under control because now I’m starting to experience the health effects of being overweight. I know that I can do it, it’s just sticking to it that has been the problem. To keep me motivated, I have several short and long term goals. Within 8 weeks, I want to be able to complete a 5k run and also run a standalone mile in under 8 minutes. 1.5 years from now I would like to run a half marathon and then also complete the Boston Marathon at some point in my life. Her - I'm a 5'7" 250lb 19 year old college student. I have never been very fit, when I was younger I had to wear a brace because I have severe scoliosis. In gym I was the last person to get picked on the team, every one knew I was usually the least athletic uncoordinated in the room. At this point I feel like I'm missing a huge part of life because of my physical limitations. I want to know what it feels like to be able to run, I want to be able to walk up 3 flights of stairs without gasping for air, and I want to be able to go hiking and enjoy nature with friends, without holding everyone else back. We will be posting updates along the way!
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