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  1. While I love every vegetable, my daughter did not. Here are ways I got more into HER - maybe you can use these for you! BTW, potatos are technically a vegetable but nutritonally they are a starch. So are peas and carrots. I put broccoli slaw (grated broccoli stems, carrots and cabbage) into spaghetti sauce. I usually steam or sautee in non-stick pan to soften and then add to the sauce. I use HALF (not all - she caught on) spaghetti squash for pasta - works with white sauce or marinara. I make quiche (or fritatta - crustless) a lot and use spinach, broccoli or broccoli slaw in it - the egg/cheese sort of masks the veggie flavor - the only way to get spinach in her but it works great! I also use the broccoli slaw with rice - make brown rice, sautee the slaw, toss together and add turkey keilbasa for a one-dish quick meal. Keilbasa has a strong flavor that sort of overpowers the veggies. If too bland you can add some beef bouillon to the rice mixture for more flavor, but that makes it really high in sodium. Last trick is using cauliflower to make "potato" cakes. Blanch large florets (bigger than ping pong ball, smaller than base ball. Using a parchment covered baking sheet place florets and mash with large spatula for flat bottomed glass, etc. Spray with Pam or brush with a little olive oil and sprinkle with parmasean cheese, salt and pepper (or any other seasoning you like or other cheese you like - kiddo liked parm + lower fat) and bake until cheese melts and a little golden around edges. Remove with a spatula and serve. I've heard using cauliflower instead of mashed potatos and rice but never have. But these were good ways of getting some veggies in her.
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