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  1. I know the feeling Nat. Started week 4 tonight and failled miserably. The wind outside slowed me way down. Even the second 3 mins I could only run for 2 and the last 5mins only 1.30 terrible. How did u find the first day of week 4 then btw?
  2. Asics all the way!! I had been using Nike but not proper running trainers I don't think. Wore asics tonight and felt like super woman lol.
  3. Same here and a bit of a shock to the system it is haha .from My knees down are stiff as hell but trying to keep going .
  4. I started w3d1 today and could only get to 2 and half minutes. Was surprised though as I struggled with the 90s segments last week lol. I just need to control my breathing or something as a found felt like my throat was gonna close. Bare in mind I smoke 20 smokes a day!
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