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  1. I am currently using the Iolo FIT Kettlebell workout. Another good program is the Kettlebell 360 Workout. Both can be tailored for time and intensity based on the individual.
  2. Leslie, that's awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. I have tried a few iPhone apps but the two that stand out are Kettlebell F.I.T. by Iolo and Kettlebell Workout 360 by App and Away Studios. Both are free and have video and audio guidance. You can vary the intensity and time based on your condition or level. Excellent apps.
  4. Good luck and congrats on getting back into it.
  5. Sounds like you are gaining muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space. Then again you may be overtraining. That's a common mistake and eventually leads to fatigue. Many people quit working out due to this. Try cutting back on your training to half of your current routine.
  6. Hello from Central California. I am just about to finish week 2 of C25K and have decided to add a 15 minute kettlebell routine on 2 of my "rest" days. That'll still allow me to recover on weekends. As we all know you still need to add resistance excercises in order to build or keep muscle for fat burning. And I need to burn around 40 lbs of fat. Wish me luck.
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