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  1. Wow you're doing so well, I agree, everyone's attitude to this program is different. I've decided not to beat myself up if I'm finding it hard going, if I don't feel up to progressing I'll do a run from the week before, that way I'm still out there but not getting frustrated and still building my strength up
  2. That's brilliant! I'm about to do wk4 day3 this eve. If I was you I would just repeat w1 all over again but have a rest day? Then do the same next week, just do week2 all week with a rest day, I'm only saying this as you seem to be having no bother at all, on my first week I was so glad to only have to run 3 times a week
  3. Thanks TrishE! I know you're right lol! I'm expecting a miracle, eat the same rubbish, run and lose weight! Thanks for the wake up call
  4. Hey Jeshi I think you are doing AMAZINGLY well and I also think you are overthinking things? I'm not being mean, but just go out there and do what you're doing no matter how slowly, Rome wasn't built in a day
  5. Hey there, do not get disheartened, take it sloooowly, I have been repeating a couple of days before I move onto the next week, I find that helps. Some days are so hard and others are bearable! Some days I hate it so much but I'm always glad I pushed myself to finish and I am the laziest person ever.
  6. I finished week 4 day 2 this evening and I have put on weight, not just muscle, my clothes are tighter!!
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