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  1. That's amazing! Did you do anything for your shin splints? My sister thinks I might end up getting them.
  2. I've completed day 1 of week 1 despite my SUPER weak ankles. Literally as soon as I Starr running, my ankles start screaming, especially the left one. I'm hoping that this really is just a strength issue. My exercise regimen has been nonexistent for more than a year now, aside from a brief attempt at doing a 30 days of yoga challenge in January. So because of my week ankles, I never did a full 60 second run during any of the 8 rounds. I ran as much as I could (34 seconds or less when I looked at my phone once) and walked until it told me to run again. But I completed the 8 rounds! That's a LOT better than my first attempt about 2 months ago when I had to quit after 3 rounds because I pushed my ankles too far instead of giving them a break when they asked for it.
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