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  1. Now - this is weird! Last week i was so excited: i ran 5k twice - felt great and strong, second time i even did it faster. I was planning to begin adding distance with each run ------ but ------ it has been a week (three attempts) and i have not been able to run this distance again ;((((. So crazy! My knees feel stiff, my heels feel stiff what should i do? Did i start sharing my success story too soon?
  2. I use beachbody shakes. Best ingredients i have ever seen.
  3. Thanks, Trish! I guess my problem is that i dont feel like i can press the button for 'workout completed' without completing it as directed. Is it harder to build endurance than speed?
  4. Hi! I am on week 7 - have to run 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. Last time i was able to do only 2.2 miles in 25 min and the program told me to start my cooldown. Should i keep redoing this 7-1 day untill i am able to complete the requirement of speed, or should i run a little longer to reach 2.5 miles?
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