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  1. Good luck and keep us updated! Starting today with my family as well!
  2. Hello all. My father has had some recent health issues and weight gain due to his lifestyle choices and this weekend with family gave him a wake up call. I have been trying to get him to be more active and he finally saw the light! We are starting today and are extremely excited. We are signing up for a local 5k in 3 months time to give us a timeline and extra motivation. I can't wait to see the results. I will keep posting with updates! Good luck all!
  3. Thank you TrishE. I'm extremely excited. I constantly tell my Dad to play racquetball, go to the gym with me, be active, etc. but he normally gives an excuse. Can't wait to see him running. We are starting tonight when we are both off of work.
  4. Hello everyone! I will be starting the program tomorrow to help my father get in shape and improve his overall health. I talked to him while on vacation and he got really motivated. My family and I will be signing up for a 5k in 3 months to give us time for him to train and get it done together. I'm extremely excited and will post regularly.
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