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  1. Today I finished w2d2 and the legs felt better, and my 2 mile was my best yet ....but my breathing is horrible! Does this get better over time?
  2. Thanks guys...I thought I'd be really sore today but so far so good. I work night shift so I ram before work and on my average night at work I walk @ 2 mIles during the night. So I'm sure that helps with soreness and helps keep me from tightening up.
  3. Woohoo wk1 d2 in the books!! Started burning and sorta cramping when I got to run #6, just turned up the music and pushed through. I finished with 1.98 miles in the 30 minutes of the session. . Avg was 15.1 minutes a mile, guess that's not too bad considering half was walking. Hoping the tightness and burning dissappears soon!!
  4. Hello all I'm 41 years old and not in terrible shape but wanting to start running just to get healthier and better fit. My question is yesterday I finished day 1 of week 1 do I need to skip a day between runs at the beginning or is it OK to push myself and do a day over and run more days? I finished day 1 with pretty good results and not terribly sore. Help plz!!
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