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  1. Love this! Looking forward to getting started!
  2. Fab story Mike! I'm the same we have a lot of family members who don't look after themselves. I want to be a good role model to my children who are 7&4 my youngest starts school on Wednesday so I will have a bit more free time! I currently do yoga when the kids go to bed at night as that's the only free time I have so looking forward to some time to focus on me! I'm currently 15 stone 8lbs and a size 18 by Christmas I would love to be a size 12-14 and I'm already signed up for my first 5k in November which I hope will be easier if I start using this programme soon so well done for taking the first step! I look forward to see how you get on
  3. I'm looking forward to it! I only work part time so it will keep me busy and stop me worrying about my youngest!!
  4. hi I'm dee my youngest starts school on Wednesday so I'm going to give this app a bash! My friend has completed it and is looking fab and I want a bit of that lol! I'm about 3 stone overweight and a little nervous to start but looking forward to my journey. Any tips greatly received!!
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