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  1. week 2 day 2 completed. This really really works!!
  2. John C


    Thanks KellyAnn. I have learned running fit is totally different to cycling fit!! Week 2 day 2 completed
  3. week 2 day 1 completed. Totally enjoyed it. Bring on Wednesday for day 2!!!!
  4. well that's week 1 done, feel strong and can't wait for week 2 on Monday after work
  5. John C


    Thanks TrishE. I feel great after day 2
  6. well, today was easier than day 1. Good progress. I do road cycling but this takes it to the next level. I feel great. Need a nice little GPS watch now
  7. John C


    Hi everyone. Just finished week 1 day 1 and feel great. I cycle 200+ miles per week but just started running. New running shoes broken in
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