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  1. I bet you thought I'd given up! Nope, I had a kidney infection... but I have just finished week 2, finally, and on to week three in a couple of days because i have a sore knee ... not sure how that happened :/
  2. I am using an incline of level 2, walk at 4.8 - 5.0 and run between 5.8 - 6.6, anything less than that speed for running seems just too slow (I'm only on Wk 2) and actually makes me tired quicker as it's like bouncing on the spot instead of 'moving forward'. I read that, if using a treadmill, you must use an incline otherwise you do not simulate the 'moving forward' movement and, as a consequence, don't engage the glutes. After I used the incline it did feel a lot more like 'running' as opposed to just 'jogging on the spot'.
  3. How's progress Loreleil?? I admit, I nearly gave up halfway through the first day of Week 2... but after the effort I'd made in Week 1 to keep going I just kept running and running... I hope this week gets easier!!
  4. Loreleil - let's DO IT!! I found day one a real battle.. so I just slowed down on day 2 (probably not much faster than walking but enough to get a bounce going!) - on day 3 for my final run I did 1min 30secs and stuck my fingers up at the timer like HELL YEAH! Helen
  5. So, I've managed to avoid any form of exercise in my 47 years, but that's all about to change! I have just finished Week 1 on C25k, and signed myself up for a 5km run in November (to motivate me to keep at it!) I'm currently running on a treadmill as I have terrible social anxiety and just can't bring myself to run outdoors, plus I live rurally with no pavements to pound and don't fancy running on gravel just yet! I can't believe I'll ever be able to run 30 mins straight, but if I don't try I won't know. I've been doing the 60 sec runs with no problems so far... so here's hoping! Looking forward to reading everyone else's experiences and maybe getting a kick up the butt for motivation when "I can't do it" phase kicks in! Helen... in New Zealand
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