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  1. When I try to connect these two, I hit the Connect button from MyFitnessPal but it never goes anywhere at all, not even to Google Play. I have C25K Pro installed as well, but it doesn't go to that, it just doesn't go anywhere. Any advice?
  2. Interested in moving from walking 5Ks to really being able to run all the way through, so I downloaded this app to get me going. I tried Day 1 today, and I am now wondering where the PRE-C25K is??? Crashed and burned only halfway through - everything was in pain. I do some other activities too (not a LOT, but some), so am not completely sedentary or anything, but have never run at all, and a minute or jogging at a time and that many minutes of jogging at once is WAY too much for me. Not sure what do to at this point?
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