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  1. I just finished week 7. The program has been awesome and I'm proud and amazed by my progress. However, during week 7, I did not continue to improve. I actually did worse over the 3 runs. I'm barely doing 2 miles in the 25 minutes. Now, with one week left and the 5k on Saturday, I'm getting nervous. Any tips on how I can get back on track?
  2. I did yesterday's run without my phone and double tapped it today to mark it as completed. Is there any way to change the competition date it to yesterday?
  3. I hold it in my hand. It's in a case so I'm not afraid of dropping it. I also loop the headphones under my right bra strap so the cord doesn't pull on the earbuds.
  4. I found this forum after seeing W5D3 and wondering why it was such a huge jump only to go back down to intervals W6D1-2. I've been trusting the program so far but have never been able to run a mile in my life. I cannot believe I did W5D3! Weirdly, my legs stopped hurting a few minutes in, but toward the end my upper back in between my shoulder blades started to kill. I've heard this might be chest breathing, and also probably related to my previous back/shoulder injury.
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