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  1. Just try to run as slow as you can ;-) If you can run slower - you MUST run slower ;-)
  2. RDierks, Thanks! %) I use runkeeper in background, just to keep tracks, and c25k free with audio tips and music.
  3. RDierks, I think you should run. Why should you stop, if you can run? By the way, here is my today's track. Accidentally 5k? ;-)) Even now I can't believe that I really did it ;-)) https://pp.vk.me/c623416/v623416251/3c80e/3Ccm_TWlcuw.jpg
  4. Just did it! ;-) I've also missed finishing command, so I've done 33minutes instead of 20 %-) I've stopped running almost near my home.. Now it sounds almost unbelievable, but it was really cool!
  5. Hi! You gave this promise to you, not no your neighbor. So, just try, and look how it goes. And don't be afraid of other people watching, noone cares. Good luck ;-)
  6. KellyAnn, thanks! It wasn't hard to accomplish. I've been surprised a bit, when it finished ;-) Now waiting for the next run(d3) ;-) TiffOTR, Good luck! I'll try the same thing(d3) on friday ;-)
  7. I'll have the same challenge (w5d2) tomorrow, and w5d3 after the next two days. Let's just try together!
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