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  1. Hi Keep it up Ellen, I'm on week 2 its going well
  2. I would just take it slow and do more of a jog than a run until you can sort your breathing out, it does get easier
  3. Hi Over 50 myself keep up the good work
  4. Hi everyone I've joined this forum to give me some motivation. Ive been running for a couple of years now but due to long night shifts of 14hrs and only managing 3-4hrs sleep during the day I am exhausted but I do need to keep this running up. I have just started the C25K just to make it easier to run/walk during the week. I'm hoping to be able to run 5k WITHOUT stopping which I haven't managed yet Hope this forum gives me some motivation
  5. HI Khatt11, I've got the same problem, I work 14hr night shifts, 4pm until 6am and I,m finding it difficult to do anything during the week. I can only manage 3-4 hrs sleep during the day and I'm exhausted. I am following the c25k distance just to be able to run without stopping. My work week is Monday to Thursday inclusive. so any advice would be welcome as well
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