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  1. Thanks so much for your kind and supportive words. Ill keep you posted. Il glad to hear youre ok now and still doing what you love. I need to check out chose other apps! I am intrigued now! Thanks again ! Hugs
  2. Hi KellyAnn Im doing great thanks. The heart problem was diue to my weight. Smoking 1 or 2 packs a day probably didnt help much either! Now ive lost 90 lbs since september my heart is pumping fine and the layer of fat around the heart has disappeared. A recent Heart scan revealed my arteries are in tip top shape. My cardiologist is very proud of me and i can put that scare behind me. It was the scare i needed to get my life back. I can say i am healthy now and just need to get rid of the last 30 lbs. i have no issue at all following the C25k plan and find week 2 still relatively easy. my doctor is thrilled I am doing it. Since September Ive gone from nearly dead , smoking and morbidly obese to being healthy and non smoking albeit still a bit plump LOL but that is not for much longer!!
  3. Hi Psb im on week two also and loving it ! good luck to you!
  4. RayG congrats! You are an inspiration to me as I am on week 2 only. Wtg!!!
  5. RayG congrats! You are an inspiration to me as I am on week 2 only. Wtg!!!
  6. Hi ZDI and congrats on starting again. I am right there with you too. Its never too late. I lost 90 lbs since september and still have more to go so I just started c25k last week and love it. We can do this !! All the best to you
  7. hi everyone! I am a 55 year okd woman and been trying to get fit since september when i was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Ive lost 90 lbs so far by eliminating all sources of sugar. I stll have a way to go but am keeping the faith and my heart is back to normal . Yeah!! I gave up smoking too a month ago so I could do some sports. Well the time finally cale last week on vacation when my wonderful and fit 17 year old son promised to help me. We started the app and Ive continued even back from vacation. Funny how I used to never find time to do anything, making up excuses but now i do find the time. I guess its all about priorities. In the last 9 mos ibe given up alcohol, sugar, carbs, processed foods and now cigarettes. I needed a new vice LOL and lay just gave found it with this app! Wish me luck
  8. Hi Annie congrats to you! I am on week two day too and love it ! Good luck!!
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