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    I Can Do This

    I was researching something about coffee (I forget what) and came across something that said coffee leaches calcium from your bones. A friend of mine says it doesn't leach very much, but I think it might not hurt to just not drink it anymore. Now, if I loved the flavor, it might be a different story.
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    I Can Do This

    Oh! And by the way... YES you can do this!
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    I Can Do This

    Thanks for sharing this. My weight loss has hit a plateau. It is frustrating. I talked to a trusted friend about it and he said his weight loss was cyclical. He would drop a few pounds and hold steady, than drop a few more. It took him the better part of two years to hit his goal weight. One thing I do is use myfitnesspal faithfully. Every single thing I eat gets logged. The app helps me sort out macros, nutrition and calorie count. I don’t cut out any macro. What I did do was change my habits. It was a process. I only drink black coffee, tea or water. Unsweetened Almond milk in my breakfast smoothie. I eat 6 times a day lol Mostly the same stuff too. Chicken, green vegetables, eggs and fruit. If I want bread, it’s a whole wheat pita. I’m still working on this but it’s funny how I don’t miss the junk food at all. But I will have a little dark chocolate sometimes!
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    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    I just completed Week 5, Day 2, so now I am also trying to prepare myself for the dreaded Day 3...DUN DUN DUN!!! It’s been really encouraging to see everyones’ tips, strategies, and experiences though.
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    Quick question

    Silver Pie, I totally got where you were coming from. I have a friend doing this with me so we agreed to repeat week one. I'm so motivated right now I'm wanting to push so hard but I know what an injury can do to derail you so I'm slowing down a smidge lol. Thank you all for your help and encouragement!
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