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Google Lens for SEO in 2022

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I have been watching videos and articles on this and on many SEO tools like URL Opener. For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, Google has incorporated the functionality in the search engine to analyze products, texts, questions from notes and translate texts by incorporating Google Lens into the search engine.

It is clear that this will attribute greater importance to the optimization of images. The main factors that I have been able to verify are:

- The inclusion of logos and brands, thus being able to differentiate the products or articles in the case of an e-commerce

- The optimization of alt text, titles and alternative texts.

- Have uploaded a good number of images (without being abusive).

- Optimize the EXIF- the properties of the image (place of the photo, with which model it was taken, time, etc.)

These are the main points that I have found information about. Without a doubt, this new Google functionality is a gold mine mainly for e-commerce or Local SEO (my Business files).

I would like you to give me your opinion and if you know how to optimize or position through this new functionality, you would share your Tips.

Greetings to all, Savages!

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