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What happens when someone with mental health issues goes on a silent meditation retreat?

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Silent meditation retreats are excellent to re-connect with your inner self. They allow you to detox your mind and body with the help of mindfulness activities, a healthy diet, and deep meditation sessions. They also give you the time to connect with nature and to understand yourself intimately. By offering time away from the chaotic life of the modern age and gadgets, silent meditation retreats allow you to re-evaluate yourself, gain a sense of purpose, calm your mind, and give re-direction to life.
Thus, it is extremely beneficial for someone who is suffering from high stress, relationship issues, lack of motivation and purpose, and feeling directionless. It is also beneficial for those who are recovering from a recent trauma whether it is physical or mental. However, it may not be a good idea for someone who is an active patient of a mental health condition and is undergoing medication and therapy. This is because the diet may hamper the special requirements of the individual and also because he or she may not get the active attention from retreat leaders and other retreat members at all times.


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