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50 lbs down!

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Today I'm officially down 50 lbs!

About a year ago I started a Keto diet and walking. Starting at 275 the weight came off pretty fast fast at first and I found it was pretty easy. I just cut out carbs, at mostly meat, and didn't worry about tracking much other than how much I was walking. Then I stalled around 5 months in when Covid hit. I was stuck at 237. Because of the initial Covid fear, I started using weights instead of walking, and my scale didn't move at all for those few months. Then I injured my back doing deadlifts incorrectly and was out ANOTHER few months. But then 3 1/2 months ago I started walking again and it still was barely coming off. I decided to start counting my calories and found out I was DRASTICALLY coming in under my caloric amount. Typically around 1100 when I should have been doing 1600. I started eating more and it started coming off again.

Today I track what I eat almost every day, once you get into a groove it's pretty much the same, and hit 50 lbs off! Can't believe that I'm finally here but I can't wait to keep losing! https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps

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