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Here’s my take on starting your weight loss journey


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After yo-yo-ing back and fourth between a very restrictive diet and just binging, I realized that weight loss should be a lifestyle.

I’m pretty sure some people already know this, but I just wanted to share just in case.

Instead of going on a diet, it’s better to change your current diet and maintain it rather than doing big changes for short term results. If you want to stay at your GW, you can’t go back to your original lifestyle.

My advice: Start by changing one of two things.

  1. limiting portion size. This way you can still eat the foods you love, but are also taking steps towards weight loss. Nothing drastic.

  2. Swapping out unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives. Don’t go cold turkey, slowly swap out certain foods starting small.

  3. exercise. However you choose to do it, just be active.

And that’s it! Pretty simple, but it took me a while to figure out that small long term changes were the way to go

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There are some excellent and very helpful answers already here to the main point of this question.

So, rather than adding to this well-stocked aspect already here with just another probably unneeded meal plan, I will try to add an additional facet that hopefully will supply a little extra usefulness:

The timing of that excellent meal that you are planning to put together via  https://www.worldofdiets.com/no-crave-diet/

One of the factors that seem like a very good bet in making a keto diet work the way that you want it to is by applying a time restricted feeding pattern to it. Making your intended diet fit into a consistent given slot of time may make the difference between its success and failure.

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