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Never weighed this much before...

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My happy place is a maximum of 145lbs (which I weighed 1.5 years ago)

As of today I am 173+, and feel slow, heavy, fatigued, and stiff/tight, and I’m sick of my clothes not fitting comfortably, and want to feel more mobile, capable, and comfortable in my body.

I’ll usually choose to walk (to run errands) over driving if it’s not raining, and have been Intermittent Fasting (eating between 12pm-8pm), and will go on hour-long walks with my BF.

Until the gyms open up, this is my last ditch effort to make any positive change in my body health!

Any advice, suggestions, or personal stories of success are welcome!

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I know exactly how you feel. I am not in a happy place with my weight. I would love to start this C25K thing again. I did it back in 2004 and it changed the way I looked and how I felt back then. Maybe all of us together on these forums can support each other for motivation!  

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