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The Pup and I: Day One Done!

Jeff TL

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Hey all!

Jeff here- checking in after my recently adopted Chocolate Lab named Buck and I just finished our first day of training with C25K! I adopted Buck back in November of last year, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been slacking in the fitness department since I’ve brought him home. Now that things have settled, I decided to get back into running and bring along my new training partner. Buck has some extra winter weight on, so our first run was a little slower than expected, but we still got it done and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I’m confident that by doing a little training throughout the week with C25K, Buck and I will be crossing the finish line on our first 5K soon!

Wishing everyone the best on their runs. Feel free to reach out and share your stories with any runs you’ve done with your 4-legged training partners. 

Thanks all,

- Jeff & Buck

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Hi Jeff! I’m about to do Day 1 with my adopted pup today! (Technically Day 2, but I am switching from 10K to 5K...so starting C25K today.) I’ve been super unmotivated since coming home with Scruffy from the BVI’s in December. She had heart worm and wasn’t supposed to exercise. But now that she has the go-ahead we are doing it! (It helps that the weather is warming up here too :o)

Hope all is going well! (Running is a good way to get your mind off all the weird stuff going down right now! Lol)

Tina vK

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