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I made a comment at the end of one of my threads but I think it should be its own thread. Find it sad that so many people often get no answers to their questions, but I hardly ever come on here and I think most people who have had some experience are also gone.

People come and go rather quickly on this forum. I rarely come here anymore, and the people who were active when I was training for my 5k seem to also be gone.

I think most people don't get answers to questions because no one knows the answers. They are new, too.

I would recommend reading old threads. And do a lot of research online. The app that brought you here follows a schedule created elsewhere so you should be able to find info about almost any question you have.

(Problems with the app can be best helped by going to "feedback" in the app, which lets you send them an email.)

Remember, you can also get really bad advice online so check in several places before you decide to believe something.


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