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Fadi flova

I want to adjust routine with c25k

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You're supposed to run 3 days a week, walk 3, so you could do the others on your walking days.

For example, Mon, Wed, Fri - run

Tues - squats

Thurs - pushups

Sat - sit-ups

Or you could do pushups and situps on run days, since they are upper body. Just wait a few hours between the exercise and the run. As for which one (exercise or run) to do first, do the one you want to be best at first.

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Guest daniyal Ahmad
On 8/14/2019 at 7:13 PM, Fadi flova said:

Hello everyone there,

I am going to start c25k. And want to burn more fat by including zenlab puchup, situps and squats. Help me to adjust these in my routine . Thank u

Eat like a KING do din ke zindagi hai achye say khaaa looo

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Guest Bakara

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