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One year to 13.1


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Hi all.  I'm Emily.  I have one year til my city's annual half marathon, and as of today, I'd like to work towards running most of it.  That would mean I would achieve it right about my 50th birthday.

It was just a year ago in November that I ran my first 5k after leading a fairly inactive life.  Ran several more 5ks this year, and even placed in a few for my age group.

My superpower is the ability to talk myself out of training, or going as long as I need to.  My other challenges include having feet that kind of hate me, and a brain that tells me I'm dying when I get out of breath.

I'm here to get the structure of the program, the boost from others on the same journey,  and practical information on how to work with my challenges instead of giving up. 

Thanks for reading!

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