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How to generate a diet for best FM

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Just like the title.

I'm a runners for not too long and even don't care about food to eat for best effort.
However, I realized my record still remain for many months now even I've cross training exercises along with my plan.
Are there any nutrition experts here!!! Help me!!!! Thank you so much much!!!!!

I've a trail marathon on March, please help me ;(

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On 1/26/2018 at 8:31 PM, MyMothersSecrets said:

I am new here so I don't know anyone one here but I know a fabulous nutritionist if you still need one

Who's that my friend? is she/he on zen forum??? Could you give me some of her'his information?

I would love if there's an expert who experienced many marathons.

I also want to ask about equipments and running tips.

I'm planning on buying a new fitness tracker, maybe it would be Garmin Fore Runner GTX 750 or a Fitbit Flex 2,... they're all waterproof. I think it's useful when running thorugh jungle with GPS function. 

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