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Treadmill vs outside

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I don't want to get into this habit, especially since I've registered for a 5k, but my last 2 runs were on the treadmill at the gym.  I'm on week 4 day 1 and it's so much easier for me.  My distance is further and I'm running faster, feeling great afterwards.   Am I doing myself an injustice? I'd love input from veteran runners! Thank you

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Running on the treadmill is easier because your on a consistently flat surface whereas running outside has hidden elevations and terrains. You could always add elevation but that seems miserable. I would make sure to see your stats from an outside run, compare, and revamp. If you see more progress on your outside runs from doing treadmill trainings, then definitely keep it up. But I find that I have better results from running outside for outdoor races.  

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