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Not settling for the typical mom cliche


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So we all know the typical mom cliche is after becoming a mom, you all of a sudden "let yourself go". Well for me, I started letting myself go about 6 years ago (I'm only 26 years old) before I was a mom . Before I let my circumstances overcome me and indulged in food to eat my sorrows away, I was a young hot sexy woman! After getting married, literally right after, our marriage took a hit and I was taken back by the circumstance and eventually became depressed and started eating my feelings and lots and lots of food. I am 5'8" and at the time weighed 140lbs. I gained a whopping 120lbs (45lbs of That is from my second child). So I got all the way up to 260lbs. But after giving birth just 8 weeks ago to my second child, I have already lost 48lbs. (mostly because I was so swollen with fluids). And since I got released by my OB, I started exercising by mowing my lawn...yep! Push mowing my uphill yard! You talk about a workout. My thighs burn with fury as I make myself keep going. But what I wanted to say was, my marriage has long passed that hurdle and I'm ready to be the cute, confident 26 year old mom I'm suppose to be! No more being a victim to the mom cliche. Time to get fit and cute! I'm hoping this app/running plus the yard mowing and Zumba and the 1200 calorie diet I'm on will get my butt back into a size 4.... Okay maybe not my old size 4. I'll settle for a size 8 and a weight of 160lbs. Just 52lbs to go! Good luck to all of those aiming for a healthier life!

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