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Hi, y'all! I'm a 23 year old newlywed in Knoxville, and I downloaded the C25K app maybe...a week ago? I just did Week 1 Day 1 today, and I brought my dog along. I have never liked running, but that's mainly because it's so hard on my heart and lungs. I've used my asthma as an excuse for a long time, but honestly- it rarely bothers me anymore. The truth is that I'm just quite out of shape. I'm underweight and I want to build muscle, but I need to build endurance as well, and start focusing on overall health instead of just muscle. Since my new husband wants to get back to running I'm hoping that as I can better that can be something we do together. ☺

I also use the ZLF 0-100 Pushups app, and I plan to use both so I can work on cardio and strength, along with Kelsey Lee workout videos on YouTube. Lol

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