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I'm IowaMatt.  

My son is 15 and loves to run, he completes quite well for his school.  There is a benefit 5k coming up and he said he wanted to run in it, and I jokingly suggested we could do it together and he said, "Go for it!". So I downloaded the app and am now in week three.


I alternate run and workout days, first thing in the morning.  I've never seen myself as a runner but some things I like: Early mornings in the summer in Iowa are beautiful and should be enjoyed, I like the buzz I get from getting all warmed up before heading to work, my second son rides his bike along with me as I run, and I am impressed how easy so far it has been to incorporate the C25K program--although I looked ahead and know this is going to change!  At 43, I expected it to be rather difficult, and so far I have gotten by ok.

Things I don't like:. I miss my bed in the morning.  My Achilles tendons do not like this idea and are constantly sore.  I don't like running on gravel roads.

I have not registered for that 5k yet, I'm worried I may break down before I get there.  But my son has motivated me to do it and we are going to give it a go.

Just wanted to say hello.  This seems like a useful community.  Hopefully I can contribute!

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